They helped mum move forward

Hospice supporter Sue, tells us how the Hospice Bereavement team helped her family.

“On the 15th July 2015 I popped by my parents after work to collect my son Malik and have a look at my dad’s new bike (a fairly regular occurrence, this being about the 150th he’d owned since he was 16). It was a quick visit as he couldn’t wait to go to bike club with mum. We waved them off and as I drove away I looked back, not knowing it would be the last time I would see my dad.

Later that night I received a call to say mum was fighting for her life and dad was gone. Another driver had lost control and ended up on their side of the road.

Once mum was out of danger, what followed was years of trying to help mum through her injuries. The immense emotional injuries and anger she felt. This is where St Michael’s Hospice comes in. After months of private counselling she was referred to the Hospice for bereavement counselling. We had no idea they offered this. They gave her almost a year of sessions, plus she attended small group sessions and coffee evenings. Slowly they helped mum move forward and make new friends, and find a new happy however hard without dad.

In fact through the group session she met an old friend who had also lost his wife. Now mum and Bob have found happiness together and are soon to be married. Dad would want mum to be happy again and we thank St Michaels Hospice for this.” said Sue.

We would like to thank Sue for sharing her story with us.

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  • “We wanted to do whatever we could to help.”