Social and Spiritual Support

Social and Spiritual Support

Social Work

Our Social Workers are specialists in supporting someone receiving care, by listening to what connections are most important to people, their families, and friends. We can help by:

  • Being a link for other agencies across Health and Social Care.
  • Providing advice about financial and practical help.
  • Liaising with housing matters.
  • Working with children, young people, and their families to know what is happening for the person receiving care.
  • Coordinating or helping to plan the provision of care.

Spiritual Support

Spirituality will mean different things to different people and may be experienced through an organised religion or may be more personal and individual. The Spiritual Support team is here to help create the conditions for patients, their families and friends to access their own unique sources of support and meaning. Support can be arranged, when appropriate, by telephone, at the hospice, or at home. The team also works closely with local faith groups.

Chapel visits need to be organised in advance. Please contact: 01424 456363, or