Simon’s special visit from pet snake

When Simon from Hastings came into the Hospice a week ago, it didn’t occur to him that he would be having a very special visit from Lilith, his one year old boa constrictor.

Lilith came to the Hospice, with Claire (Simon’s fiancée) and children Jools and Jade, who all have an amazing love for snakes and reptiles.
“I was very anxious about coming into the Hospice, having lived in Hastings all my life I had heard about St Michael’s Hospice but had never visited, but everything was very well explained to me. Being here has completely changed my perception of Hospice care. Having a visit from Lilith has been brilliant, really therapeutic. Being in the Hospice is not about what you can’t do, it’s about focusing on what you can.” said Simon. “ I hope in sharing my story, other people will see that coming into the Hospice opens doors you wouldn’t think possible”.

To add to the excitement Simon proposed to his girlfriend Claire, just a couple of days ago and she said YES! When Simon spoke to the nurses on the Oak ward about his pet snake, they went to work straight away in making a visit possible.

We would like to thank Simon, Claire, Jade and Jools, for allowing us to share their story.


  • “John would be thrilled to bits that the event happens.”

  • “Lights of Love will always be a time when we can reflect.”

  • “We wanted to do whatever we could to help.”