Paige dedicates a challenge a month to the Hospice

Determined Hospice supporter Paige is taking on a fitness challenge every month, including the Prudential RideLondon this summer. She tells us why she has chosen to push herself to the limit, all in aid of the Hospice.

“There are a few reasons why I wanted to fundraise for the Hospice. I love supporting local businesses, the community and local events. The Hospice has a fantastic reputation and played a big part in my life last summer. My Mum spent her last memories in the Hospice and she was cared for in a very special and amazing way. The experience will always resonate with me. The genuine care and compassion from all the staff, the desire to help and the warm and friendly atmosphere.

I’ve really got into running over the last few years, so I thought why not set myself some challenges this year, as in my eyes life’s far too short and I have a bucket list of things I want to achieve. So I thought well it goes hand in hand; a passion and hobby + new challenges to push me to my limits in memory of my Mum + supporting a local charity = no backing out and raise lots of money to help the future of the Hospice.

I am doing at least one event each month November 2018 – 2019 including 10k runs, half marathons, marathons, triathlons and even a 100 mile bike ride. I hope to raise at least £2,000 to help towards the costs of running the Hospice. It is such a hard time for loved ones, family and friends, you need all the support you can get, I know I did.

I think fundraising is so rewarding and one of the only ways I can show how thankful I am to the Hospice. My mum would be telling me I’m mad, but I reckon she would be quite proud too!” said Paige.


  • “John would be thrilled to bits that the event happens.”

  • “Lights of Love will always be a time when we can reflect.”

  • “We wanted to do whatever we could to help.”