Gwen WW2 memories

Gwen, who attends the Wellbeing programme’s Writing Group on a Thursday afternoon, and has been busy telling her fascinating stories and treasured memories of the 2nd World War and her time as a Wren, to Hospice volunteers Sheridan and Patrick.

Over a number of sessions, Gwen has shared her remarkable stories and Sheridan and Patrick are now in the process of writing up Gwen’s memories as a keepsake for Gwen and her family and friends.

“Remembering this period of my life is wonderful. My family and friends often ask me about the 2nd World War, and people are often surprised to learn I served and have lots of questions.” commented Gwen

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  • “John would be thrilled to bits that the event happens.”

  • “Lights of Love will always be a time when we can reflect.”

  • “We wanted to do whatever we could to help.”