Glenn and Maggie tie the knot at the Hospice

On Saturday 7th July, in-patient Glenn and his fiancée Maggie tied the knot at the Hospice and it was a real family affair.

“Glenn and I met 10 years ago on an internet dating website and it was love at first sight” said Maggie. “I lived in London and Glenn lived in Brighton and so we would travel to and from every weekend to see each other. We decided to move to Hastings in 2009 and have lived in both Hollington and Ore, myself working at the Conquest Hospital as a Ward Clerk on Kipling Ward and Glenn a passionate (now retired) mechanic.”

“We got engaged in May 2017 and sadly Glenn was diagnosed with lung cancer later that summer. Since his illness has started to progress, we decided that we really wanted to get married. We’ve been here at the Hospice for two weeks now.”

“When we arrived at the Hospice Diane, a volunteer from the Spiritual Care team came to speak to us, to see if she could help and talk through any worries or fears we had as a couple and it was then we spoke about our wish to get married. Sarah, the Hospice Spiritual Care Lead, contacted the registrars for us and helped with the formal logistics.”

“The wedding was a real team effort, while I went shopping for my wedding dress with Nicky (my now sister-in-law) my other sister-in-law Angie arranged the decorations and balloons. Nicky and Angie also made my beautiful bouquet and button holes for Glenn and my two sons, Richard and Christopher, who gave me away on the wedding day. It was a real family affair!”

“The wedding took place just inside the doors leading to the balcony of Day Services and I was not nervous at all, but of course it was a very emotional day with everything that was going on.”

Glenn cried when he saw Maggie walking towards him and after the ceremony on Saturday afternoon, Glenn and Maggie were chauffeured along Hastings seafront in an exquisite Rolls Royce. They then went on to the family home where they had a party with friends and family, and Glenn stayed at home until Sunday afternoon.

“It was very overwhelming at first when we came into the Hospice. We had never been here before and so we were scared and worried. Now having been here for a couple of weeks we know there isn’t a better place for Glenn to be. It’s such a comfortable environment and the nurses cannot do enough for you. They are lovely and kind, and we love the gardens and grounds, they are so peaceful.”

“After the care Glenn has received, I will definitely look into volunteering at the Hospice. I’d really like to give back some of my time to help them continue their brilliant work.”

We would like to say a very big thank you to Glenn and Maggie for allowing us to share the story of their beautiful day at the Hospice.


  • “John would be thrilled to bits that the event happens.”

  • “Lights of Love will always be a time when we can reflect.”

  • “We wanted to do whatever we could to help.”