Blessing at the Hospice

When Daniel’s Mum Angela, from Rye, came to the Hospice as an in-patient, they didn’t dream that less than a week later Daniel, and his partner Samuel, would be having a blessing at the Hospice, so his Mum could be present on their very special day.

We are so proud of all our staff at the Hospice and the way they care for each and every patient, their families and friends. To have been able to pull together a blessing at such short notice has been a celebration of teams working together and we are so pleased to have played our small part in this. We wish Daniel and Samuel all the best for their wedding in the Summer and a wonderful future together.

“When Mum came into the Hospice, she spoke to Antonia, one of the staff nurses on the Holly Ward, about writing a speech, which could be read out at my forthcoming wedding in August. Unfortunately, it became clear all too soon that Mum wouldn’t be well enough and knowing this Antonia came up with the most amazing idea. She suggested we had a blessing at the Hospice, so my Mum could be there too. Mum was absolutely over the moon, she wanted to be at our wedding more than anything, and so having the blessing meant she could be part of our very special day.

We were, and still are, amazed at how everyone came together to make the day possible. Sarah, the Hospice Spiritual Support Lead prepared a beautiful service, with the most perfect readings and poems. Arthur, a volunteer at the Hospice, created beautiful floral arrangements and button holes, while the nurses and Voluntary Services team provided balloons, prosecco and even a wedding cake. I just can’t believe everyone at the Hospice has given us so much of their time and energy when they didn’t even know Mum before she came to the Hospice.

Samuel’s parents travelled from Cornwall to be at the blessing, with just one days’ notice, and were invited to stay in the Hospice family room, which was beautiful. The nurses and the Hospice are amazing; it gives comfort to know Mum was being cared for in such a relaxed and tranquil environment.

Since Mum arrived at the Hospice we’ve been making the most of every minute. You hear how wonderful hospices are, but until you’re here, it’s hard to understand just how wonderful they are.

Having the blessing at the Hospice has brought my family together in so many ways, having everyone here together has meant so much to us all, but most importantly so much to Mum” said Daniel.

Sadly Angela died at the Hospice shortly after the blessing. We would like to thank Angela, Daniel and Samuel for allowing us to share their story.


  • “John would be thrilled to bits that the event happens.”

  • “Lights of Love will always be a time when we can reflect.”

  • “We wanted to do whatever we could to help.”