“Nothing is too much to ask for.”

We had the pleasure of getting to know Barrie during his time spent on the In-Patient Unit. After managing his pain, Barrie returned home to live a more comfortable life.

Barrie said “The Hospice is the most fantastic place. I was in a lot of pain when I came here The spine is a bad place to get pain, you can’t settle yourself on the settee or anywhere because it gives you too much pain.

“When I leave today, I can always phone them up and they will be on the other end of the phone or on their way to my house within a little while and I’ll be looked after.

“The Hospice employees are fantastic, they go way out of their way to make you feel comfortable. They’re really brilliant, Nothing is too much to ask for.

“I only have little time so I am donating the Hospice two settees I bought a little while ago. Because of the stage of my cancer, they won’t be comfortable for my spine. So I decided they would benefit someone else, the super recliner has really, really soft cushions!”


  • “John would be thrilled to bits that the event happens.”

  • “Lights of Love will always be a time when we can reflect.”

  • “We wanted to do whatever we could to help.”