Our shop in Sidley has partnered up with Earls Mercantile, a local coffee shop, to provide bookshelves full of pre-loved books for the community to borrow, relax and read with a cuppa, or take home to read and then return for others to enjoy.

The bookshelves feature a wide range of books for all ages, with a huge scope of genres including romance, comedy, thriller and more.

Sean Berkeley from Earl Mercantile said; “We are proud to be the first location to host a bookshelf and collaborate with the St Michael’s Hospice Retail team on this project.”

Trudy Golding, St Michael’s Hospice Sidley Shop Manager (pictured) added; “We plan to grow the Sidley Community Library across different locations in the town and look forward to providing access to a wide range of books, all for free.”

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