We recently chatted to Seamus and his cousin, Mary, on our In-Patient Unit. They want to share their experience of the Hospice and the support and reassurance they have received.

Seamus’s story

“My name is Seamus Doyle, I’ve been a bricklayer for 45 years. I have four kids and my family is based all over Europe. I’ve lived in Hastings for around 10 years. I ended up getting diagnosed in 2022 and found out about St Michael’s Hospice from Macmillan Cancer Support.

“The Hospice has given me all the support I need, they help with small things which are important to me – nothing is too much trouble. I can’t fault it. It got to a stage when I couldn’t do it anymore, I was scared and I picked up the phone and they were there straight away, I can’t thank them enough. Before, I couldn’t see any help, but now I can. You couldn’t wish for anything more. Just to get sleep, comfort and having someone there for you, they’re like family.

“I feel heard. The doctors here listen. When I am in pain, they listen. They understand and try to find a solution. If you’re coming here, don’t be scared, it’s a safe environment. I couldn’t wish for anything else.”

Mary’s experience

“For his family, it was very worrying for us. Seamus lives on his own. His son Liam lives four and a half hours away and me, and his brother Kieran, live in Ireland. He wasn’t eating properly for 5 months and had stumbled a couple of times. When we heard that he had come into the In-Patient Unit at the Hospice, it was really a relief. We were frightened something would happen whilst he was on his own at home. We’re at peace that he has the support from the Hospice. Knowing that he is being cared for by St Michael’s Hospice is very important for his family that don’t live nearby. Seamus has been helped most with pain management. He needed the Hospice to rally around him to make him comfortable. For someone to help manage his pain medication, means the world to Seamus.

“Being a visitor, the staff are all smiley, helpful and do what they can for you. But what I found most is that it is so clean. It’s clean and tidy, just spotless. It’s so peaceful here, which took the worry and pressure off Seamus. Looking at the gardens is peaceful and offers a meditative space for patients. It’s a place where the minute you walk in it feels calm. It’s calm in the chaos of what is happening in people’s lives. They listen, are patient and take time to answer your questions.”

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