What is the role?

Attending events including venues and our shops to promote the lottery and sell scratch cards. Bringing money and application forms into the Hospice.

To be able to represent the Hospice Lottery and follow Gambling Commission regulations, to ensure that we are working compliantly.

What will I be doing?

  • Attending Hospice events, shops and venues
  • Assembling the Lottery booth
  • Gaining public interest in buying scratch cards
  • Providing background information about the funds we raise and promoting the weekly lottery where possible
  • Ensuring the correct money is taken and issued where a win is paid out, and balancing this to the number of cards sold
  • Visiting the Lottery department at the Hospice to return monies taken and any unsold scratch cards
  • Complete the necessary training required to comply with Gambling Commission Regulations
  • Complying with all COVID-19 safety measures as required.

Are you Interested?

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