Taking on a fundraising challenge can be well, challenging. When our Estates and Facilities Manager, Gary White, heard that a younger relative was going to do the London to Brighton Cycle Ride, Gary decided this would be right up his street. Not that he had done any serious cycling since his school days but having just turned 60 he thought this would be an ideal opportunity to show he could cope with the demands of the 55-mile event. Gary has worked at the Hospice for the last seven years and in that time, he’s had some wonderful experiences.

He said “There are little moments where you can see what difference you make to people. Yeah, little stories, like the time I took a patient home one day with patient support and just listening to everyone, the patient and the family talking about what a difference we’d made. It’s just amazing.”

Taking on this kind of challenge requires some serious training which for Gary requires a new bike and gel padded underwear. Despite his legs turning to jelly after his inaugural session, he’s determined to see it through to the end and raise funds for St Michael’s Hospice.

Like many people, the idea of raising enough money can be daunting but as Gary says ‘even £100 is £100 more than the Hospice had before.’ A Just Giving page is a good way to start; if you need help or support let our Fundraising Team know.

We spoke to Gary about why he decided to take part and the challenges he thinks he’ll face along the way. Listen below.

Photo of Gary White on his cycling training session

London to Brighton

Episode 1: Getting ready

Hospice Facilities Manager Gary White, talks about his decision to do the London to Brighton Cycling event in aid of St Michael’s Hospice.

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