Time To Care

Time to Care

Voluntary services in collaboration with the clinical teams have launched a new exciting programme from June 2017 called ‘Time to Care’

The first of these new roles will be Volunteer Nursing Assistant (VNA). For those of you who have worked in healthcare, or are considering entering this field, this may just be the role for you.

We understand that in our local community there are many experienced healthcare professionals including nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists etc., who may still wish to use their skills but not in a paid capacity. We also know that becoming a healthcare professional or gaining a job in the care sector has become increasingly challenging with the need for experience now essential. The Volunteer Nursing Assistant role was designed with this in mind.

For those with existing skills, experience and knowledge this will enhance the level of care we can offer. For those just starting out, a robust training and support package will allow you to develop skills, confidence and understanding of what is excellent care whilst giving you the experience needed for the future.

The second of these roles, is the Ward Liaison Volunteer. From the moment a patient, family member or professional enters St Michael’s Hospice, excellent customer service is fundamental to the care they receive. Having a loved one in a Hospice can be incredibly upsetting and wanting to know how they are as quickly as possible is essential. In essence, this will be the role of the new Ward Liaison. When family and friends contact or visit the Hospice, the reception team will contact the Ward Liaison who will have the latest information and status of each patient (e.g. receiving medication, personal care or are asleep) This role is critical in giving the best support to the families of patients and will help reduce pressure on nursing staff.  

Get in touch

If you are interested in any of these roles of want further information, please contact Mike Charlton on 01424 457972 or email.