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Board members needed

We are looking for new board members to join our main Board of Trustees and also Directors for our Lottery and Retail Boards.

The role of Trustees and Directors is about leadership and being legally accountable for the activities of the Hospice or our Retail and Lottery Companies. We currently have a very active Board of Trustees which has recently undertaken a further review of the skills of its members. Particular areas where we want to strengthen the Board includes; senior/strategic fundraising and marketing knowledge and experience, corporate governance in business, charity or public sector, commissioning/contracting particularly in the area of adult social care and accountancy/financial management.

For the Retail and Lottery Boards, we would especially value experience of retail or of running an online business. Experience of commercial property management would also be useful.

“The Hospice is at a significant stage of development. Not only have we been improving our facilities following the fire last year, but we have been responding to changing health needs with a strong focus on supporting people in the community, using the skills both of our clinical staff and of our Hospice Neighbours volunteers. We are living through exciting but challenging times.” Said Celia Pyke-Lees, Chief Executive at St Michael’s Hospice.

“The roles include quite a strong commitment. Apart from the regular Board meetings, there is ongoing involvement in different areas of the Hospice. But there is a huge satisfaction in supporting and developing such important services. I have always found it immensely rewarding – and certainly never dull!” said Irene Dibben, Chairman of St Michael’s Hospice.

Order your information pack

If you would be interested in learning more and in supporting the Hospice, please do contact us to request an information pack either for the Trustee Board and/or the Lottery and Retails Boards.  These can be obtained by emailing Karen Mason