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Volunteers Week 2020

Throughout Volunteers Week (1st - 7th June 2020), we will be thanking our volunteers for their contribution to the Hospice, and showcasing the benefits volunteers have on the local community.

Throughout the week, volunteer stories will be shared on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and on the Volunteer Stories page of the website, highlighting why volunteering at the Hospice is so important. We will also be holding a number of virtual coffee mornings for Hospice volunteers, to give us the opportunity to thank them for the amazing work they do. 

Cathy, from Pett, kick starts the campaign, by explaining what volunteering means her
“8 years ago I joined the team of Flower Arrangers at the Hospice. We re-purpose donated wreaths, bouquets and floral displays from funerals. I condition the flowers and foliage so they last longer, then create displays in vases and baskets. They mostly go in our reception area, and they really brighten it up for our visitors.

The part l’ve enjoyed most has been the people l’ve worked with. All the staff are nice and helpful, and they really appreciate it when you put a fresh display out. They tell me they look lovely, which is very rewarding.

It might sound like an odd thing to say, but the Hospice doesn’t scare me anymore. It’s a lovely tranquil place. When l hear the word hospice, l know it’s not just about end of life care, they do a lot more than that. I’d recommend volunteering at the Hospice, because even if you have a spare half a day maybe, you can definitely do something. It’s very rewarding and satisfying”.

Volunteer recruitment at the Hospice is currently on hold, but why not register your interest or call the Voluntary Services team on 01424 445177.

Volunteers Week 2020

Meet Caroline, Director of Organisational Development, who is excited to launch the 2020 Volunteers Week at the Hospice.