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Spiritual, Religious and Pastoral Care

I found the chaplaincy team a source of strength because they gave me the time and freedom to talk about my own thoughts and feelings regardless of any religious beliefs. Patient

The Spiritual Care team welcomes everyone of all faiths and of none - and encourages people to express their spirituality or practise their religion in their own way.

When you are seriously ill, you, and those close to you, may have questions or concerns which are just as distressing as the physical symptoms of the illness. Questions may be about your illness and what is important to you at this time; questions about the meaning and purpose of life; or hopes and fears for yourself and your family and friends.

If you would like to explore some of the questions and feelings that may arise when you are ill, our Chaplain or fully trained volunteer can visit you at your bedside.

Our full-time chaplain works closely with local faith leaders, and can arrange for them to visit you and your family at the Hospice. Spiritual and religious care is available to everyone using the Hospice's services.

We also have a designated multi-faith/quiet room for patients and their families to pray, worship, or for quiet reflection. There is a range of texts and artefacts available as well as a music docking station and access to the internet.

Get in touch with our Spiritual Care Team

To discuss our services please contact our Spiritual Care Team on 01424 457957 or email us.