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About our Bereavement Services

With your help I have been able to see the trees, the hills and the valleys and not just stand confused staring at the closed gate. Client

The death of someone close to you may be the most devastating and overwhelming experience that will ever happen to you. The grief that follows the loss is not an illness but a normal human journey - albeit very difficult and painful - that involves strong reactions. Your feelings are something you experience and not symptoms that need to be treated.

During the coming weeks and months you may need help and support from others – it can be very hard to manage bereavement alone. Many people find their close family and friends are a tremendous help. It may also be of help to talk to someone outside your family and friends. Bereavement support provides you with the opportunity to talk about your loss, in confidence.

Our confidential Bereavement Service is available to anyone throughout Hastings and Rother who is in need of extra support through a difficult time. You don’t have to have had any previous contact with the Hospice to be able to access our support. You may decide to contact us in the first month or it may be some time later. We offer a choice of attending individual or group sessions as well as a monthly social group, GRoWS (Grief Recovery with Support) and a twice monthly Walk and Talk Group both of which provide an opportunity to speak with others who are bereaved.

Coronavirus update - 19.03.2020

Our aim is to continue with essential services whilst protecting the health and wellbeing of vulnerable people and our workforce.

A telephone bereavement service is now fully operational. 
Bereavement groups and face to face bereavement counselling have been suspended with immediate effect.

Referrals to the Bereavement Service

Anyone can access our Bereavement Service. Please contact 01424 456361 or email us. We also take referrals from medical professionals, Hospice staff, mental health services and social services either by phone, letter or the bereavement referral form.