Wellbeing Volunteer 01

Wellbeing Volunteer

What is the role

You will be interacting with staff and patients in the department, and working with the team on a daily basis to ensure the smooth running of the Wellbeing Programme.  This will involve assisting staff and other volunteers with day-to-day and group activities, as well as supporting patients throughout their time on the programme. 

Role tasks
  • Attending handover meetings to discuss patients’ needs and current concerns
  • Facilitating patient sessions and groups, with support from the Wellbeing Assistants
  • Drawing on own ideas and skills for developing and devising activities for group sessions 
  • Interacting with patients, and listening to their current concerns and progress
  • Co-ordinating resources and refreshments, and assisting with safe lunches for patients via general tidying and assistance with meal trays
  • Assisting with the goal setting process as necessary and checking progress during sessions
  • Assisting with on-going monitoring of data, qualitative and quantitative data as necessary
  • Other general duties that will help the smooth running of the Wellbeing Programme, as required.
Are you interested?

For further details, please read the role description and complete an application form.  You can return your application form either by email, post or bring it with you when you come to the Hospice. Upon receipt of this, we will invite you in for an informal discussion. We look forward to hearing from you.

Get in touch with our Voluntary Service team

For further information call us on 01424 445177 or email us