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Open Gardens - Winchelsea Beach

Event Date

From: Saturday, 03 June, 2017 at 10:30
Till: Saturday, 03 June, 2017 at 16:00

Event Details

NEW! 10 Harbour Farm
Via Morlais Ridge
Jill Bruce

This small friendly garden opens out to sloping lawn with herbaceous surrounds, grasses, shrubs, a small pond, topiary and artichokes. Leading to ivy and willow clad pergola, on to a patio with pots. The front garden is out with grasses and flowering cherry.

Morlais Ridge
Jean Graham-Read

A large and intriguing garden divided into raised beds for fruit and vegetables, island flower beds, a memory garden, hardy geranium bank and fantastic self-sown lawn.

Willow Cottage
Morlais Ridge
Pat Littleboy

Willow Cottage is a tranquil garden set in what was originally farmland. The small front garden has been designed as a shingle garden and contains plants suitable to this area and habitat. The large back garden has been landscaped to take you on a journey through different aspects of planting. There are two ponds for the aquatic wildlife, areas of seclusion where flowers and shrubs provide a haven for bees, birds and butterflies and various raised beds for vegetables.

NEW! Emsby
Morlais Ridge
Catherine and Adrian Emmitt

With the owners having lots of new ideas, this garden is never finished. It is long and quite narrow, next to a field. It includes a veg patch, small wild area, herbs, containers, shady and sunny borders, and some small trees. A wildlife friendly garden that’s not too tidy!

NEW! Curlews
The Ridge
Catey Hillier

Hedges and sculptural yews are now finally established after six years of back breaking work, and the garden is finally starting to take shape. Planting is limited to a large central bed, with Mediterranean species, and wild plants are encouraged to clump up, softening the appearance of the shingle areas. Plans are afoot for a sunken firepit to replace a derelict pond, as well as creating a new raised bed.
A planting list of seaside plants will be available to visitors for a small donation. Cuttings and decorative items will be for sale.

The Ridge
Rachel Fawcett in memory of David

A shingle garden on a large scale. It includes interesting artefacts from the beach – a boat for children to play in, tree house and many more hidden secrets.

NEW! Broadwater
The Ridge
Julie Brown

South facing front garden on the shingle ridge was planned for dry, sunny, windswept conditions with appropriate planting.  The large sloping beach back garden merges into the shingle beyond and is mainly natural and unstructured.  There is a small wildlife pond and a variety of plants, shrubs and trees suitable to shingle conditions that give seasonal interest.

The Ridge
David Ede

Large amounts of soil had to be imported to make this lovely flower garden with mixed flowers.

NEW! White Wings
The Ridge
Elsbeth Rankin

A wild coastal unconventional garden behind two old railway carriages with unforgiving shingle 'soil, but roses, fennel, alliums and apple trees grow in spite of the free range chickens!

Sea Mist
Front Ridge
Josephine and Paul Marchant

From a bare patch 15 years ago the owners have created a cottage garden with a number of winding paths. There is a pond, raised beds and a summer house.

NEW! El Indalo
Old Harbour Farm Lane
Cynthia and Godfrey Martin

This garden will always be a “work in progress” as the owners are constantly overcoming the elements and wildlife.  It is as much a garden as a sculpture trail and the ongoing projects and planting are an eclectic mix of art and horticulture.

Admission: £5

Wheelchair Access: Yes
Guide Dogs: Yes
Refreshments: Yes at Winchelsea Beach Community Hall
Parking: Yes at Winchelsea Beach Community Hall

This is a 2.1mile walking tour, we reccomend wearing comfortable shoes as the terrain can be uneven. Cars are not permitted on the two ridges.There are toilets available at two locations along the route

How to get there: Take the A259 to the bottom of Winchelsea Hill and turn into Sea Road. From Pett continue to Pett Level and then into Sea Road. The Village Hall is on your left, this is the starting point.

Please call Fundraising on 01424 456396 or email for more information on any of our Open Gardens