Syringe Driver Training 01

Syringe Driver Training

A hands-on workshop for Registered Nurses who are practicing within organisations using the CME T34 ambulatory syringe driver.

NICE Managing Medicines in Care Homes pathway 2014:
'Care homes with nursing care should also include the correct use of infusion and injection devices (for example, syringe drivers)' in their medicines administration process. Standard 1.14.1

The workshop will give you the opportunity to:

  • Understand the indications' for commencing a syringe driver
  • Have an overview of common medications used in syringe drivers
  • Understand the features and functions of T34 ambulatory syringe drivers
  • How to monitor sites, syringe driver progress and recognise alerts and alarms
  • Hands-on practice with our experienced facilitators.

A certificate of attendance will be given, not of competency.

There will be a discussion on how to self-assess competency in practice which will complete the workshop.

More dates to be announced soon. 

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